{end of school is near….sniffle, sniffle}

It's bitter-sweet....the end of the year is quickly approaching {only 4 more days left - eek!}.  Every year it flies by, especially this year. This past Friday Brielle's class had a beach day.  How fun is that?!  The playground was transformed  - there were pools, water-slides, sprinklers, sand buckets and brightly colored beach umbrellas.  So festive and fun!  The kids played in the bubble station, built sand castles, squealed going down the water slides, and played games with the huge colorful beach balls. Such a fun day!!  And Tyler's class is having a Publishing Party on Tuesday followed by a day at the Community Pool.  I'm loving all the fun activities but I'm sad knowing that it's all coming to an end.  I have a hard time saying good-bye when things come to an end.  I'm never ready to start new chapters, especially when I'm loving what's happening in this current chapter so much...sigh.  Anyway, these fun days remind me of the fun we'll have this summer and the fun we had last summer.  I dug up some photos from last year that I loved of the kiddos (the last 3 pics) - so indicative of summer afternoons.  :)

The kiddos last night in the pool last year (actually in October) before it was too cold and too busy to swim with school.