So Brielle....

We're back home in South Carolina where the heat index is high! It's a 100 degrees + today and the sun was shining until about an hour ago when the thunder clouds started rolling in. Tyler and Brielle get so excited when they hear thunder - okay, so Tyler gets excited and Brielle runs to me ready to burst into tears until I hold her and tell her everything is okay.
Tyler was off in search of the storm while Brielle and I watched from the front porch (don't worry, we didn't see lightning - we were being cautious).
Anyway, Brielle has been adamant since she found her old pink knit baby cap that she wear it at all times (which she never wore as a baby and is too small for her now) . She even made sure she had it snug on her head during her nap. Yes, we're currently in the hottest month of the year here in the south and my daughter insists on wearing this pink knit hat. All I can do is go with it... silly girl. I had to snap these pictures of her in her hat on the front porch today before the thunder storm.

Tyler not thrilled with the camera pointing in his direction... Body language - "I'm not looking at the camera and no way am I going to show you a smile".

Ohh, here we go - a glimpse of your smile... I love it T.