{Game with the Major Leagues}

This was a busy weekend.  So much to do but thankfully all fun and work (yes work - but work is fun for me).  On Saturday morning the kids rose early - just as the sun was popping up.  They were so excited to leave for 'Little League Day' at the big Stadium with the Diamondbacks.  Brielle just gets excited whenever Tyler's excited so she was giddy for the day to begin too.  Ty & Brielle spent the morning making signs to hold at the game - it was a good way to pass the time since they were beyond excited!

When we got the stadium you could feel the excitement in the air.  Kids everywhere wore their teams uniforms excited to walk the field and high five kids and adults in the crowd and to greet some of the mascots and players.  While we were waiting to see Tyler enter the field with some of his teammates Brielle and I stood close near a crowd trying to catch fly-balls (home-runs) from the players during their batting practice.  The fans were electric with energy and anxious to catch the next fly ball that came near.  Brielle and I just stood watching, waiting and enjoying all the action around us.  A ball was headed several feet away not quite making it to the crowd - the fans were going crazy trying to reach and scramble for the ball that was really out of reach for all of them.  But one of the Chicago Cubs players ran for the ball waved it up to the roaring crowd and sweetly handed the ball to Brielle.  Brielle just looked at me not knowing what to do so I said 'Oh Brielle, he's giving you the ball.'  We thanked him as he walked away.  Brielle was sooooo excited she kissed the ball.  I'll never forget it.  We tucked it in my bag.  More balls were headed our way.  And one of the fans caught a ball with a loud smack - perfect placement in his glove.  A moment later, I get a tap on my shoulder asking me and Brielle if we want the ball.  The gentlemen who caught it wanted to give it to us.  How sweet is that?!  I didn't want to be greedy since the fans were going crazy trying to get balls, so I declined saying, we had one and that he should keep it since he caught it.   Of course I could've given it to Tyler but I knew Brielle would offer hers to her brother since she knew he wanted one. So fun!

Above is a picture of the ball given to Brielle, Tyler giving the fans high fives and  Ty with his team mates walking away.  What a great day at the ballgame!!