It's almost Easter!!  I'm not really ready yet, I feel like there's so much left to do and not enough hours in the day to get all the festive crafts and fun Easter-y things done.  I did however hard-boil 2 dozen eggs today in preparation for decorating.   I really like eating hard-boiled eggs but I've always found them painful to peel.  Well, I finally found out why not too long ago.  I was boiling them wrong.  I know, sounds silly - how can you boil eggs incorrectly??  Have I mentioned that I'm not much of a cook?  I'm an eat to survive kind of person.  Anyway, I found out that you have to start with cool/cold eggs, and place them in cold water prior to boiling so the inside temp of the egg and the water are the same.  Put that cold pot of water and eggs on the stove until it boils.  Once it's boiled, put the lid on the eggs and let them sit for 12 to 15 minutes in that hot water but off the burner.  Empty the water out of the pot once it's sat for the appropriate amount of time and replace with cold water, even ice.  You want the eggs to cool quickly so the membrane of the egg loosens from the shell, making them easier to peel when it comes time to do so.  Yay, easy- peasy.  :)  Here's a link I liked that gave more detailed instructions.

So we decorated eggs today with friends - very fun.  It's not Easter without decorated Easter Eggs.  Oh and just a note:  Personally I think the PAAS eggs dying kits (sold everywhere) really seem to only be good for the dye - the Tattoo kit by PAAS didn't work at all.. and when the kids tried the eggs cracked. :(  Save your money and do it the old fashioned way.  Martha Stewart has a great article about it.  We may try these again on Friday.

Happy Egg Decorating and if I don't post again before Easter, Happy Easter too.  :)   Thanks for popping by my blog.