{getting ready for Spring with Eliza Kate & Nuxiemade}

Is it still snowing where you are?  I take that back, don't tell me.  I'm a four seasons kinda girl so jealousy will ensue ;-)  Since I'm in Arizona I'm living vicariously through other friends photos in the cold, white snow and I'm taking many trips out of town to trick my body into thinking I'm living in a four season kinda world.  My body & mind aren't easily tricked but I'm having fun visiting many wintery wonderlands.  Here in the land of the sun it's been 75 degrees so it's preparing us for an early Spring.  And with Spring coming soon Eliza Kate has some ADORABLE new designs coming out.  And Nuxiemade has a new hat design (my favorite design so far!). I get so excited when we get to work Krystin & Melissa.  Their work is amazing, they collaborate so perfectly and I love how their styles coordinate so well!!  Melissa's hat can be found along with many others in her shop.  Check them out.  Eliza Kate Designs is introducing this new Spring inspired peasant dress , should be popping up in her store soon.  The colors she chose coupled with the peasant style design make for a perfect sunny day dress.  It's in Brielle's closet right now begging to be warn again.  I think this week with the temps creeping up B will be giddy to wear it again.  She's  a girly-girl - very into dresses, ruffles and anything 'pretty'.  Thank you Eliza Kate & Nuxiemade for sharing your talent and your 'pretties' with me.  xoxo.