{Are we really 5 days into 2011?!}

Is it really 2011?!!  I'm having a hard time comprehending this change.  With the New Year (5 days into it) have you started new goals for the next 360 days?   I have a hard time with New Years resolutions, I'm afraid of failure (who isn't?) so I try to avoid setting myself up for something that I may not be able to achieve/maintain.  Boo!!!  I know.  But this year something's changed.  As my kids are growing, I'm seeing glimpse's of my children all grown up and going off to college and it scares me.  I don't want to miss them as they grow, I don't want to mess up by being so consumed by my work, or be unavailable when they need me.  It all hit me during busy season when I was up till 3 am most nights  and then in a fog the following day but still trying to be fully engaged in their lives.   I love my job as a photographer and I love my job as a wife and mother.  So it's a balancing act and one I need to be sure to give proper balance to.  So in 2011 I'm going to work on being more 'into the moment' with my children all year (even during busy season).

Speaking of busy season...I was so busy I didn't get to post sneak peeks (some clients got them on Facebook but I was pressed for time to blog them - bad.) So I'm going to be doing session recaps for some of  my sessions in the upcoming posts.

Here's some recaps from my California sessions.  I had a blast and loved every moment I was there. This first family was incredible, I went to High School with the mom, April.  She convinced me to come to So Cal to do these fun sessions and I'm so glad I did!!  :)  Such a gorgeous, photogenic family too.  Little Luke is so smart, chatting about football stats and all things that are over my head when it comes to sports.  And sweet Tessa is a doll - full of smiles.  And I  love here strawberry blond hair.  And I loved this family !

Oh and my dear friend Tanya's little man below!  Tanya is one of my bestest friends from High School and it was such a thrill to see her and her little boy Gavin.  He stole my heart and sent me home a great drawing of what he though my family looked like.  And guess what?  In his picture, I'm taller than Jeff (who's 6' 5")!  I'm 5' 3" (on a tall day) so I got a kick out that as did my hubby.    A little artist...that Gavin ;-)  But not only that - he's a Rocker!  Really.  At 6 he is so comfortable with a guitar and was so into playing it on the beach I couldn't break his focus.  I love that boy!

And isn't this family gorgeous below?  Sasha (the beautiful mommy below) is Tanya's sister.  Her son Robby is the same age as my son so it was fun chatting with him about all things related to the 2nd grade.  And the location we used for this session - I loved it!!  There was so much variety and peacocks running around wild!  Here's a peak at our session. :)