{Designer Spotlight & Giveaway!: Ingrid B. Designs}


This talented designer is one that I'm very excited to feature again!!   Ingrid B. Designs is based out of Arizona and all of her designs have been tested by her children before she sells them (to ensure they pass the kid- test) - smart lady :)  Her designs are fun, hip and durable {they wash well and all the seams are serged}.  She is having a Give-Away on her Facebook Business Page - Ingrid B.  Designs - check it out!

Below is a peak at Ingrid's Back to School Collection.  Brielle and I made it out of the desert just before the Monsoon's heavy rains began.  The sky was AMAZING!  And it changed within seconds.  The temperatures were high (110 degrees) but the clouds made it tolerable and Brielle was entertained the balloons - each of them getting away from her after the session.   So we ran after each one, laughing and amazed that they didn't pop.  Amazing, they hit the ground, the blazing rocks and still didn't pop.  I was relieved and Brielle thought it was a game, giggling & squealing as she chased each balloon and then raced to the car escaping the heat and the rain that was taunting us in the sky.