{No More Monkey's Jumping on the Bed}

cast-web-1newbThat's right. We've experienced first hand that playful jumps on the couch can be painful to our 4 year old.  We were hosting a neighborhood gathering at our house when this happened to little B.  She's been such a trooper through all of this.  She split and bent her bone in her forearm/elbow.  A few days after she got her splint we had an appointment to get her arm casted but after doing more x-rays the Doctor told us that B had to go in for an surgery that night so they could straighten (break) bend in the bone that was putting pressure on her other bone.  Gosh was that a shock - it was heart breaking to see Brielle unaware of what was going to happen as we got her in her gown and in the hospital bed.  Her spirits were calm and peaceful, she colored and we played rhyming games for the 2 hours it took them to prep her.  She's amazing!  These pictures were taken the day after her procedure - her cast is wrapped with bandages because they split the cast down the middle to allow room for swelling after her surgery.   Again, she's coloring and blowing bubbles with her bubble gum :)   Note to Parents:  Don't let your Monkey's jump on the bed or couch in our case!  :(  Although I'm pretty sure this won't stop her.