{Tag! I'm it! X's 4}

I really am a team player and I love this cyber game of blog tag. I hate that I haven't been able to play being so busy but now I'm finally able to sit at my computer and play. Woo hoo! The most recent taggers who've tagged me are Elizabeth and Rebecca Tyler.
The rules seem to vary from tagger to tagger so I'm going by these rules since each of my taggers may have slightly varied rules.

The Rules.
*Post the rules before you give the facts.
*Post eight random facts about yourself.
*At the end of your blog post, you need to tag 3 people and list their names

*Leave the people you tagged a comment on their blog, letting them know that they've been tagged.
I'll try not to tell anything that I told you all the last time I was tagged. ;-)
1) I'm kinda a germaphobe.... I admit it. But I really try to hide this quirk since I know it's irritating to a lot of people. I get soooo grossed out by dish towels - are they being used to dry your hands off? Or to dry dishes? Or are they used to wash the counters down? Whatever they are used for, I used them once and then they go in the wash. I'm addicted to the Clorox cleaning wipes (low-streak formula) for washing my counters and kitchen table. They ROCK! Oh on that same note - sponges are just a haven for bacteria and other nasty things - so after I use them, I rinse them off and put them in the microwave for 2 minutes - it kills 99.9% of the nastiness sponges collect. I know, I need help.... or just a big glass of wine.

2) I'm adopted. My parents were living in Idaho at the time and suffered the loss of a baby girl, Kristen, to SIDS. What's totally weird - is my parents were supposed to get another child but their OB went on vacation and the birth mom delivered early. Well the OB taking over gave the baby to his sister in California rather than to my parents. Of course my parents were completely heart broken. But 9 months later, they got me! Another crazy thing is that Kristen had a little stork bite above her eye and I had the same stork bite over my eye {goose-bumps...} . God had a plan for our family and I'm thankful we were brought together.

3) I had a freckle on the tip of my nose as a child and I always wanted it to go away. I even remember seeing a commercial on TV for Oxy Pads, you know the blemish fighting pads, and I got so excited thinking that the Oxy Pads could take away my freckles. I insisted that we go to the store and get some. Anyway, I fell one day and skinned the tip of my nose and other parts of my face, pretty site I'm sure, and what happened? It skinned my freckle right off! I remember being so happy that my freckle was finally gone! Never-mind the fact that I may scar from falling, thankfully I didn't.

4) I swear I was a fish in my prior life. I grew up in Southern California and we had a pool in our backyard. So from a young age, I learned to swim and immediately fell in love with the water. I was in that pool every day even in the rain. If I wasn't in the pool I would be resting right next to the pool with one hand in the water - usually falling asleep.

5) I broke my tibia in preschool {my daughter gets her 'accident prone' tendencies from me}. My sister and I collided going around a blind corner - I was running to get my cool red original 'big wheel' bike back from her when we crashed. I still remember my big wheel and how much I just loved it.... Anyway, I had a cast from my hip to my toes and I just remember being devastated that I couldn't go swimming. Instead I sat in the hot tub with a big black garbage bag wrapped around my leg and propped on the edge of the hot tub. So miserable for a little girl in love with the water.

6) I was voted class clown in junior high. Uh-hu, really proud of that one. Then I somehow I was elected to be the school president the following year. Hmmmm...

7) I love the piano, it just soothes me so I have a bunch of CD's of piano music - Jim Brickman is one of my favorites. Anyway, I played the piano when I was young and when we moved we found a new piano teacher. She happened to be my 'new best friend's' mom. But her mom, was the Hitler of piano teachers. If my wrists weren't raised properly while I was playing she would slap my knuckles with a ruler. And she would write the most hateful notes about my abilities (or lack thereof) in the margins of my music sheets. I quit after a couple of months. Her daughter and I remained best friends but her mother never seemed to take a liking to me... or any of her daughters friends :( .

8) Lastly, I have two wedding rings. I know what you're thinking...and to clarify, I've only been married one time. Jeff proposed to me with a ring that we were going to find a setting for. So we looked... and looked.... and decided that we wanted to design the ring (that looked a bit vintage) and my uncle's best friend was a ring maker. So he made our ring. About a week before our wedding we weren't sure if we were going to get our ring so we went shopping for another setting. We found one we really liked and decided to buy it. Well, the next day our ring came from my uncles best friend - it was beautiful! So we went back to the store we had purchased the ring from the day before (since they did have a return policy) and found that since my ring size was 3 1/4 it was considered a custom size and it couldn't be returned. :( ..... ;-) Luckily my husband (fiancรฉ) was willing to let me have two rings.

Now I'm tagging my photog friends Brooke Drellos, Kelli France, Alicia Caine & Kara Elmore (sorry ladies.... Brooke, just getting you back ;-) )

And I don't want to leave you without a picture so here's little Miss Lilly....