{Designer Spotlight: Eliza Kate}

You know how much I love Eliza Kate.  Here's part of her Spring line!  Isn't it darling?! She always amazes me with her cute and fun designs and her stuff is so comfortable (that's coming from a 4 year old - really).  Brielle wanted to sleep in the outfit shown at the bottom of this post since she already had it on, I carefully convinced her that PJ's would be best for sleeping lol.   Of course Brielle had to wear her boots - she loves those boots.  I'm trying to find some cute strapy sandals that she'll like and gravitate toward.  ;-)  But whatever makes her happy during a shoot lol.

So I'm getting ready to leave to go out of town for 2 weeks.  One week to WPPI in Vegas {woo hoo!} and then I return home for 2 days and head off to Puerto Vallarta Mexico with my family and my parents for a week.  So I'm trying to get a crazy amount of things done.  I have more Designer Spotlights in the queue waiting to be posted so I'll be getting to those in between my trips hopefully.  Then bookings are beginning for Spring are getting busy - and I am adding some fun new products as well.  Yay!!   Thanks for stopping by!