{all of your thoughts and prayers are working...}

First off, you are the best! You're kind words, thoughts and prayers are hard at work and I know they are making a difference. I'm in such awe over the overwhelming support I've received - your comments, e-mails, and some wonderful surprise gifts sent to our room have just brought me to tears. You all don't know how much your friendship and support means to me and my family- thank you sooooooo much!
The doctor's at Children have come to the following conclusion - her lab results show that she has contracted Shigella (similar to E-Coli - yuck!) coupled with nephritis and HSP (the disease mentioned below). That's the reasons for her high fevers, added stomach pains, and other not so fun symptoms. Then we got the exciting news that she could leave the hospital after getting a round of antibiotics to start treating the Shigella (her HSP just has to run it's course - there's no treatment except for monitoring her kidneys with weekly urine tests and then with monthly tests)!! Brielle is coming back to her little happy-go-lucky self; she's talkative and giggling, she's walking well (although she's wobbly on her legs and has fallen more than once scaring her a bit), and she's eating & drinking more. I'm so glad to have her out of the hospital (although I'm sooooooo thankful for the wonderful care she received). And I am selfishly so happy to see things outside of little B's hospital room. We sat outside tonight just soaking up the beautiful sunset here in Arizona, then bathed and now she's soundly sleeping.
Anyway, sorry for all the details, we are just so happy to be discharged and will be heading home back to South Carolina on Tuesday! It will give Briella time to be up to traveling and if she regresses, we are close to the doctors who treated her.
Thanks again so much you all!!!! You don't know how much your words, prayers and support have meant to me and my family. I wish I could give back to you - really... it's meant the world to me. I'll hopefully be back to posting soon. It kills me not to be posting more, but I will certainly be making up for it when I get back home! :) Thank you and XOXO's to you all.