{In the land of Kokopelli's....far from home}

Can you guess where I am? Hint: It's dry, hot and in a land where kokopelli's can be found. It's is in the United States.... so that will narrow it down quite a bit.
Just wanted to let my blogging friends and viewers know that I haven't been able to post since I'm far from home doing some shoots and vacationing for the past week. I'm freaking out that I haven't been able to post in so long...I miss it so. But when I get back I'll be back to posting - woo hoo. We fly back tomorrow night so not too much longer.
It's strange not to have my editing software with me.... feels so bizarre not to be doing that part of my job while I'm here. But I have enjoyed shooting in a completely different environment and being creative in a whole new, fun and challenging way.