{Autumn just might be here....}


I woke up foggy eyed  this morning and ran the thermometer to see what the temperature was outside.  And guess what?  It was a crisp and lightly windy 51 degrees out!!  I was so excited.  I love cool weather and it just doesn't feel like fall until the coolness nips at your nose in the morning.  I even wore jeans today - the first time in 6 months!  Tyler forgot he had long pants and was shocked when I he saw what I had laid out for him - his jaw dropped and he giggled 'I love pants, I didn't know I still had any'.  Brielle....well she was not going to put on anything but a dress.  But squealed with excitedly about putting on the warm and cozy fluffy sweater I had out for her.  She said 'I haven't seen this since I was a baby'.  Too funny.    Just wanted to share my excitement!  Happy Autumn blog friends!   


The picture above was taken this morning.  Of course the kids aren't wearing their sweaters since the house was too warm for them.  But it was pretty chilly outside - really.  Oh and today was tie day for Spirit Week at Tyler's school so you can't really see it but he's wearing one of daddy's ties with his green t-shirt.  He really gets into spirit weeks at school -  I love that about him.