I'm thrilled to finally announce my mentoring options!

Okay, here's the scoop!  Many of you are seeking something specific when it comes to mentoring.  So I have created various options to choose from based on input I've heard from many seeking one-on-one mentoring sessions with me.  

Here are some options:

-  Two hour editing session.  This mentoring session is designed to delve into the nitty-gritty of photoshop. This is for beginners (those who are brand new to photoshop) as well as those who have worked with photoshop for years.   During this session we'll talk about your style or the style you are seeking.  Then we'll work in Photoshop where you'll see me edit images and answer your photoshop questions.  This is a highly sought after session so scheduling may be 4 weeks out depending upon the month.  

Hobbyist as well as Seasoned Photographers/Business owners   $500   


- Business Consultations:  this is an hour or two depending upon your needs and is for both the beginner and those who want to make changes to their current businesses.  We will discuss your concerns and needs in this industry as a business owner.  Topics range from Business Model Analysis, Pricing Structures, Marketing Strategies, Goal Setting, Client Relations, Branding & Packaging, etc.  This is your time to get what you need as a photography business owner.        

1 hour $150    2 hours $300 

**** To book a mentoring session please contact me via my 'let's chat' page here on my website.