{Heat Index = **120 degrees** for this beautiful family's photos}

But the heat and humidity didn't stop this family from looking amazing.  Grandma was in town and leaving the next day, so we braved the hot weather and I must say - it's the fastest session I've ever done with 2 locations.  You can't even tell this family was dying in the heat- they did awesome.  I on the other hand learned what sweatbands for your forehead and wrists were invented.  I need a good pair and I'm not ashamed to where them (behind the camera) if it will help from sweat dripping off my brow  LOL.  But seriously, I might consider getting a pair ;-) Here's a little peak at our session!

Note:  My calendar is filling up for fall.  If you haven't booked and wanted to you may want to do it soon before all spots are gone.  All of September is booked,  there's one date left in October, and a few dates in November is still available.  Go to the 'contact' page on my website to inquire about a session availabilities.

{itty bitty bundle of cuteness}

A while ago, I was lucky to have the opportunity to photograph this handsome little newborn and his beautiful mommy, Haleigh.  This is her 4th child and only boy - isn't he adorable!  He's absolutely perfect!  Haleigh is a friend of mine and also a talented photographer right hear in AZ too.  She's beautiful on the inside and out and I'm so happy we met.  She and her little boy were fun to photograph - isn't she stunning?!  She reminds me a little of Denise Richards....= gorgeous :) Anyway, here's the overdue post of Haleigh and her little bundle of cuteness!

{she's almost two!} Arizona Children's Photographer

It was  a hot evening (104 degrees) when I met beautiful Lyla but she greeted me with an enthusiastic  smile.   She was awesome in the heat and we made sure she was hydrated frequently ;-)  Faces were very flush showing how hot it was here in the desert.   Lyla was the easiest two year old I've ever photographed, it was like she knew what she was there for and she was going to do what we needed to do to get the shots.  Her mom made the adorable tutu you see below and the pink 'Yo Gabba Gabba' shirt and skirt.  She's very talented!  Here's a peak from our session.



{I see red...}


Adorable red-haired little boys.  When I met these two at our session I was in awe at these handsome little boys with such adorable dimples.  The oldest boy was telling me about his upcoming Pirate Party for his birthday celebration - I could tell he was excited about it.  He gave me many expressions and I loved every one of them.   His little brother had his own agenda so I just followed his curious explorations.  He's a fast one so I got my work out.  Aren't these boys adorable?





{so new, so beautiful}


I was so excited to meet this little cutie!  She's was only 8 days old but seemed wiser and stronger than any 8 day old I've met.  This little dark haired beauty was lifting her head, trying to climb off my props and wanted to be stretched out.  There was no rolling up into a ball for this little one.  I think she knew better...she was in a big world where she could stretch and there was no need to be cramped, curled, or scrunched ;-)  Smart cookie.   I so enjoyed spending time and photographing her.









Above: A tutu that her mommy made for her before she was born.  Darling.

Below:  During one of our breaks.  I couldn't help but sneak a picture of her cupping her hands together happily eating.



{Handsome, Squishy Lil' Newborn}


***Squeal!***  I had so much fun photographing this little 10 day old baby boy. Isn't he adorable!!  The best part about photographing newborns is the fact that I get to hold such a new little life, hear their little squeals & grunts and I get to take my time with them (there's no rushing, we're on their schedules).   Of course it made me want to have a third baby sigh...but I'm just going to have to live vicariously through my clients instead ;-)  Here's a little peak at our session.





Brother & Sister Desert Session {Phoenix Children's Photographer}

Spring is in full swing here in the Arizona Valley.  Today it's supposed to get up to 94 degrees and creeping up to 100 before we know it.   So now is the perfect time for sessions before the heat gets too blazing hot.  I recently had a fantastic session with these two cuties.  They were so fun, I could've photographed them for hours &  hours :)  I love the interaction these two had with one another, so loving.   And little Grace was so excited to be photographed she didn't even want a break for drinks or snacks.  I loved it!   Anyway,  here's a little look inside our session. :)




{Sisters: Seattle Session}

This session was so much fun!!  Jennifer and Amber wanted to do something special for their fathers birthday this year and since they are rarely photographed together, this was the perfect gift.   I loved working with them - they excited and up for anything.  Aren't they stunning?!!   I want Ambers eyes - they are so light and mesmerizing, a perfect compliment against her long dark hair and flawless fair skin.  And Jennifer, she's been a friend of mine for over 6 years now and I have to say she always has the cutest haircuts and most gorgeous, perfect skin {yes Jen, it's true}.   I had a blast with you both!!  Anyway, here's a peak into their session.













{Rock & Roll - Phoenix desert}

That's what this session was all about!  Jack, 9 and Riley, 11 were so hip, fun and cool to work with.  Not to mention their mom, Christy, who I adore.  Anyway, Jack is completely in Rock & Roll - yes, really.  I know, he's only 9 but he know so many of the classics rock and roll bands, he blew me away.  And Riley, geez - she's 11 and has such poise and grace but also knows how to still be a kid.  She's gorgeous to boot!  Anyway, I promised them a sneak peak before I left for Seattle for 2 1/2 weeks.  I wanted to include so many others but there wasn't time to edit them all before heading out of town and I want some to be a surprise in their gallery ;-)

Had to start with some images that sum up our session.  These first two were taken at the end of our session.  Jack cooled off in the fountain in the 114 degree desert heat and begged for the water to hit him in the face, success.  Both were Rock Stars are for putting up with the heat with smiles on their faces. 






Edited with my faded vintage wash for a fun look (below)



Jump?  You bet they can jump - I was pretty impressed.  Love Riley's expression!


The true rocker coming out in Jack.  :)





{sunshine & giggles}

Recently I had a session with these two cutie's below.  My 'time off' has come to and end and my sessions have begun.   And what a perfect day to start my sessions again!  It was beautiful, sunny, not  too cold (in fact not cold at all), and the wind was minimal.  Caleb and Fawley Grace were very entertaining during our session.  Caleb and I were in giggles and half the pictures from our session he's laughing - I loved it!   Fawley Grace - I could've taken her home with me.  Her little voice and her way of communicating was so full of emotion - simply adorable!    

Side Note:  I'm getting a lot of e-mails  about booking a session before I  leave, which I'm thrilled about.  I have a waiting list and if you're flexible it will be easier to squeeze you in.  Unfortunately, my time is limited since Jeff is going to be out of town and I will have a bunch to do to get ready for the move.  But I'm doing what I can to figure out my schedule.  I wish I had time to do everything since I would love to photograph all of you who have inquired.  I'll keep you posted!  Thanks again for your inquiries!