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{’tis the season…}

to celebrate, to spend a lot of time with family & friends, to laugh, to give, to reflect and be thankful.  This year we’ve done a lot of all of those things.  The kids have been so giving this year, understanding that although it’s fun to get gifts it’s also fun to give gifts.  So they’ve been on a giving spree – making cookies and giving them to others, making cards and giving them to friends & neighbors.  I’m eating up their enthusiasm!  This year we didn’t do the Polar Express, we didn’t do the North Pole Experience, instead we spent time together talking about Christmas, talking about our wishes, and doing a lot of  crafts.    Brielle has made so many snowflakes I can’t even count them (some of which have gone to neighbors & family).  Tyler has been writing stories, making books.  He’s encouraged Brielle to write stories as well so most mornings they are up early at the kitchen table, coloring, drawing and writing fun and sometimes crazy action packed stories.  And since it’s been unseasonably warm here we check the forecast daily hoping for a cold, wet day so we can light the fire place and sip on hot cocoa with marshmallows (our favorite!) :)   I think it’s finally starting to get cooler – yay!!  So many things to be thankful for this Christmas – my amazing clients (I really do have the best clients out there and I’m so thankful for them!), my families health, my loving husband and my two silly kids, and my friends (who I’ve neglected a bit during busy season – thankfully I think they forgive me) :) . Here’s a little sprinkle of the things that make it feel like Christmas for me in Arizona. :)   Merry Christmas to you!

Brielle’s Room – the kids wanted a tree for their room so we got these little trees for them to decorate.  They don’t want to take them down after Christmas…but they’ll see them again next year :)

Tyler’s Room – I love the billiard balls (whatever they’re called) that he choose to put on his tree.

And on final one of Brielle at her Christmas Performance for Ballet, Tap and Tumbling.  She was so excited for us to see her perform!!

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MelissaJanuary 4, 2011 - 10:53 pm

GORGEOUS shots Kara.

Terry McKaigJanuary 2, 2011 - 6:05 pm

Beautiful decor Kara!!!

Jackie HDecember 27, 2010 - 4:32 pm

I’m drooling over your festive Christmas decor. Your house is stunning. Come decorate mine pretty please.

elizabeth pelletteDecember 27, 2010 - 10:12 am

Happy Holidays.. wishing you a wonderful holiday season and hope the new year brings you much joy and happiness

mugsie5December 25, 2010 - 10:19 am

Love all of these, Beautiful

It’s been a whirlwind…

…of client sessions, designer shoots, fall/winter festivities, dance recitals, school activities, and the craziness that goes along with being a mom and running my own business.  I’ve missed you though…missed blogging, missed sharing, missed this little bit of time  I get to focus and reflect.  So this post is one of many to come and is a client session share of a beautiful family I photographed over a month ago.  I know, I’m embarrassingly behind on sharing my sessions.  Don’t give up on me….I’m working hard to get things done and dedicate time to sharing here :)

This family was insanely fun to work with!  They were so photogenic and up for anything!  Denisse is such a beautiful person and I’m so lucky she’s a friend of mine.  And her girls are gorgeous!  Take a peek :)

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MichelleDecember 24, 2010 - 7:29 pm

Wow! I can’t wait for more posts. I won’t give up on you :-) .

TiffanyDecember 18, 2010 - 1:47 am

Those photos are absolutely stunning. Kara you are so talented!

elizabeth pelletteDecember 17, 2010 - 4:41 pm

kara these are incredible

sherry bolesDecember 15, 2010 - 8:19 am

What a beautiful family! Gorgeous images, Kara!

Terry McKaigDecember 14, 2010 - 2:02 pm

SOOOOOOO much fun Kara! and gorgeous too!! Great work!

tiffanyDecember 14, 2010 - 1:54 pm

these are amazing as always! :)

{The Measure}

It’s busy season!!  And with that, I’m sooooo embarrassingly behind in blogging.   I really don’t like neglecting one of my favorite place to share with you.  But I have a good excuse…I’ve been sick but still trying to edit sessions while coughing, sneezing, and overall feeling blah into the wee hours of the morning (which is only making my recover efforts worse).  But my clients and designers are worth it.  I love them both!  I recently went to Southern California for some photo sessions – which I’m now planning on doing at least once a year.  So let me know if any of you are interested and I’ll keep you posted on my travel plans.

I’ve also been keeping busy with the amazing designers I work with.  The one shown below is new to me and I am in love!!!  I didn’t know what she was going to send me (I never do so it’s always very exciting!) and I squealed when I opened the package!   I love the vintage, peasant style of her designs -  she discretely adds the modern twist into her line. Making her clothes very functional for today’s busy kids.   Just look at her on-line boutique – and don’t blame me when your shopping cart is full when you check out. :)   It’s hard to resist.  I’m a huge fan already – The Measure. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!

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ingridJanuary 8, 2011 - 12:58 pm

Love everything Kara!!! My goal this 2011 is to get a photoshot of my family by you? Did you put the name of your son on the piping? If not, just an interesting little detail! :)

elizabeth pelletteDecember 10, 2010 - 11:46 am

These are amazing girl

ChelseyDecember 1, 2010 - 1:17 am

Love the textures & colors, Kara – beautiful job! And I hear ya, been sick here too – no fun – get well soon!

PattiNovember 29, 2010 - 7:24 pm

Stunning captures, and what a beautiful little girl!

jen hNovember 25, 2010 - 12:23 am

You’re sensational!!!! beautiful photos!

Oh how I love that last dress!!

hayleyNovember 23, 2010 - 5:39 pm

Hope you are feeling better Kara. Beautiful images :)

mugsieNovember 22, 2010 - 4:07 pm

Very cute clothes and model

jennifer adamsNovember 22, 2010 - 4:07 pm

these are absolutely gorgeous! I just love the colors and those dresses!

JaideanNovember 22, 2010 - 12:27 pm

That holiday dress is soooo gorgeous!!! Beautiful images!

Denise SnyderNovember 22, 2010 - 10:54 am

Just stunning Kara!!! Hope you are feeling better!

{Halloween Night 2010}

I can’t believe it’s already November!!  I’m not ready for Halloween to be over.  I struggled getting the Halloween bins out of the garage and filling them with all of our spooky, fun decorations.  The house felt clean though, I must admit.  Something about de-cobwebbing, dusting and putting away skeletons & grave stones, will make a house feel a little fresher ;o)  So Halloween night was great.  We were so happy to have Grandma & Grandpa join us {for the 2nd year in a row and we loved that they got all dressed up this year too!}  We wanted to start traditions here since we’re all relatively new to the neighborhood.  So Jeff and I brought out the chiminea, roasting sticks, marshmallows,  camping chairs, and drinks and invited neighbors over throughout the evening to hang out and enjoy this fun celebration.  Next year maybe we’ll incorporate a pot-luck dinner, just wish Halloween landed on a Saturday night!  Anyway, we had a great time.  The kids were very content…they had taken 100+ glow sticks and made a track in the street with them.  Then the scooters came out…hours of entertainment :) They didn’t want the night to end.   Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!  Thanks for stopping by :)

Note:  The picture above was taken before school on Friday.  Brielle was in the Storybook Parade with her matching ‘Ten Little Ladybugs’ book and Tyler was showing sports spirit by dressing up for the Sports Assembly they had that day.  He also had a publishing party in class while Brielle had fun Fall centers full of activities of the season.  I loved being at school all day with both of them.   Moments I’ll always cherish :)

{just playing with the light above…we were waiting for the rest of the trick or treaters to get back and enjoyed each others company – while roasting marshmallows of course.}

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ShannonNovember 20, 2010 - 3:22 pm

WOW Looks like a fabulous time was had by everyone!

Denise SnyderNovember 12, 2010 - 11:00 am

Looks like so much fun! I adore Halloween! And wow… your home looks AMAZING!!!

Yvonne NiemannNovember 8, 2010 - 10:56 am

LOVE these. It looks like you guys really have fun with Halloween. Your kids are going to LOVE those memories.

CoreyNovember 4, 2010 - 6:41 pm

How fun! Love all the costumes!

J'Lynn MakNovember 4, 2010 - 5:53 pm

Looks like you all had a lot of fun, great shots!!!

Terry McKaigNovember 4, 2010 - 1:10 pm

Sweet photos Kara! Perfect weather for the kiddos!!

mugsie5November 4, 2010 - 10:34 am

Wish we could have been there. Looks like so much fun

KateNovember 3, 2010 - 10:40 pm

Looks like a WONDERFUL Halloween!!! Love your images (as always)! :)