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Oh my Briella…

Couldn’t resist sharing this… My daughter, who is 26 months old still loves to nap, thankfully. Anyway I went upstairs yesterday to get her up from her nap. As I got closer to her door I heard giggling and loud thuds from insider her room. I peeked my head inside and saw Brielle standing up in her crib with ALL of her clothes off doing acrobats. She was jumping, spinning, jumping some more, giggling, throwing herself down making herself laugh. I ran and got my camera hoping to capture this (she had white noise of a fan in her room so she didn’t hear me or the camera). Then she caught me and said excitedly ‘Hi Momma, I’m jumping – weee wee {giggle giggle}’ as she showed me. What a goof ball…Anyway, she’s working on potty training so thankfully her bed was dry.

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Going Vintage…

I’ve had a lot of clients ask about my vintage processing. I’ve shown some on my blog and I usually select one maybe two and antique them for each clients gallery (some of you I haven’t ‘gone vintage’ at all in your galleries – sorry). I don’t do more in each of your galleries since it’s very time consuming. But if you have more that you want to be ‘antiqued’ I can certainly do that for you. Just please let me know and I’d be more than happy. At this time, there is no added cost for this additional processing (that is subject to change however). Thanks for asking about it, hope this posting helps.
More client examples below…

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I’ve been ‘Tagged’ Again!

For those who’ve not heard of this blogging game, it’s a fun game going around (and around) the internet world of photographers called “Tag”. If you are tagged, then you tell 8 things about yourself that not many people know about. My friend, Brooke, from Georgia tagged me yesterday— or the day before, I can’t remember. Anyway, here are 8 more things that you may not know about me (and probably don’t care to know either). ;-)

1) I love Starbucks! My order needs to be made into a t-shirt (according to my husband and to help the baristas who put up with my long order). I always get a Venti, Tazo Chai Tea Latte, soy milk, no water, no foam, 6 pumps of sugar-free vanilla, 6 pumps of chai, extra hot to 170 degrees. The barista’s at Starbucks hate me, I’m sure… I would…

2) I was in track in high school – pathetic with my asthma. But I actually placed in the long jump (shocker since I’m 5 feet 3 and 3/4 inches tall).

3) Singing? I love singing! But my daughter reminds me how horrid my voice is by yelling ‘Mommy, don’t sing – be quiet’. When I look at her in shock, she follows quickly with a ‘Pleeeease’. Then Tyler pipes in saying ‘Keep singing, I love your voice, go on’ (knowing full well, it’s not my voice he likes, rather he knows that B just requested I stop so he’s going to encourage the opposite).

4) The only time my daughter likes me to sing is when she asks me to sing her favorite songs, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’, ‘You are my Sunshine’, the ‘Alphabet Song’ and ‘Oh Suzannah’. All of which we sing numerous times before she goes to bed each night.

4) I was voted class clown in the 3rd and 6th grade. I got detention a few times for my silly charades too.

5) Up until recently I was a freak about sugar with my kids. Yeah, I was one of those annoying moms that looked (and still do really) at the sugar and sodium content of everything and didn’t introduce Tyler to lollipops, ice cream, candy, – anything that was full of sugar. I just knew they would be introduced to it someday so I held off as long as I could. In fact, for Tyler’s first birthday I made a sugarless cake. It was awful – hard as a rock, so I threw it away and went wild on a normal, yummy, frosting covered, birthday cake. He wasn’t all that into it thankfully. I’ve loosened up a bit though, really I have {wink}

6) I spent one summer staying in my small college town of Pullman, Washington cleaning college appartments (preparing for move in day) and took an andvanced calculus class during my lunch break. I felt bad for my classmates because I would come to class everyday reaking of bleach – even I was dying. Anyway, I learned a lot that summer about the way college students live – oh my…the things I saw were pretty gross to put it tamely. On the upside, I ended up getting an unprecedented 100% on the final! {nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd}

7) I used to be a neat freak when it came to my car. Now my husband won’t even drive it (at least not until it’s cleaned up to his standards – which he’s lowered quite a bit for me). Once I became a mom, my car was something we somewhat live out of. If we need a diaper, I’ve got one – or 5, if we need a blanket – there’s a variety of colors to choose from, if we need a snack – I’ve got some stale Cheerios. I just call it being prepared while my husband calls it embarrassing.

8) Okay, and finally….remember the song ‘Wikki, wikki, wikki,’ by Jam On It Productions? That song haunts me…. In Junior High; Michelle, Anne and I won the regional breakdancing contest to that song. True story. I was one of those girls who brought the only pair of parachute pants I had – and put them on during break (or was it recess at that age, I don’t remember), and had my cardboard and did dance offs with my classmates until the bell rang. We were the only girl team that made it to regional. Wearing the most heinous (but oh-so- cool then) outfits we went on stage and won the ‘break off’ to the fake record scratching sounds of ‘wikki, wikki,wikki’. Yeah, sad but true…

There you go, more useless info you didn’t need to or care to know about me. Now I’m tagging (prob retagging) Kelly, Jessica, Elaine, Danielle, Kristen, and Jodi.

And what is a post without a picture?
Here’s an image from one of my recent sessions…

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Jodi DavisOctober 30, 2007 - 2:16 am

Don’t feel bad–I am right there with you on the car thing! Being prepared is a good thing. I think most of my daughter’s wardrobe is in the car and about 10 pairs of shoes. It is a bit embarrasing I will have to admit!

Pumpkin, Spooky Trees, Giggles and Random Pictures

Wow, busy weekend… with the holiday’s coming the festivities are filling the air and our schedule. It’s always fun this time of the year – I love fall, it’s may favorite season! This weekend we dedicated Friday night to our family pumpkin carving/pumpkin party night (the kids like to turn everything into a party even if it’s just the 4 of us). Anyway, we turned on Halloween music, got out all the pumpkin carving tools and began to transform our pumpkin. Brielle really wanted to get in on the action, which made me nervous around the tools. So I got out Halloween crafts – a biggy in our house so Tyler & Brielle started doing their happy dance around the kitchen. They love crafts, thankfully, since I love them too. Anyway, the night was filled with giggles, glue and glitter a few moments of complaining (i.e. Tyler saying ‘ Mom, Brielle, wants to take all my spooky trees away’ or Brielle saying ‘No Tyler, time out – you go to time out’ then she would giggle mischievously). Brielle had to get down of her chair at one point and go into our ‘dance party’ room and dance to the beat of one of the songs she heard. Then when the song ended, she walked back to her seat and continued with her craft… she’s a hoot.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was full of fun festive activities and of course some work (administrative stuff, order processing, editing, etc.) But I did take some time to look at some pics that I took about a week ago of my little ones. Thought I’d share…

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