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Eerie August Morning

Finally, it started cooling down a bit here in the South. I think we’re to normal temperatures for this time of the year…whew! Last night we had some much needed rain and with that came thunderstorms and a lightening show. It made for a fun night actually. Around 8pm it hit our area and the kids were cozy in their p.j’s jumping around with excitement. I was trying to submit an order when they came running in to ask me to watch the ‘show’ with them. Daddy had laid blankets on the floor with pillows in the bonus room and we all laid together listening to the ‘boomer’s’ and watching the lightening show. Every time the room lit up from the lightening, Brielle would say ‘oh awesome, wasn’t that awesome?’ And Tyler kept saying ‘Isn’t this the best show ever?’ It was a memory that I’ll always remember… we were so comfortable and peaceful we all almost fell asleep there for the night.
Anyway, the grass was wet from the rains last night, so Brielle wasn’t real excited for me to have her out on the grass this morning for these shots. These are the only 2 I snapped before she hurried to the house saying ‘Okay, I’m all done, bye momma, Briella’s all done, okay’ She’s definately a girl who knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want.

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One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed…

Thankfully she didn’t fall off and bump her head. While her big brother was at a birthday party, Brielle decided to play in his room. He has always encouraged her to jump on the bed (the two of them together) even though I’ve told them that it’s dangerous and guided them down. Now this has become Brielle’s ‘thing’ when she goes into Tyler’s room to play. It’s a battle I don’t know if I can win…

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My World with Kids…

This morning I was looking around the house with the thought of ‘organization’. Having two young children makes this a challenge. My house is a world of metallic sparkling hotwheels, plastic action figures, undressed baby dolls, random game pieces, princess dress up clothes, colorful markers, well used play-doh, books upon books and many other all well loved items.
But this is the world I live & love…

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Announcing the Launch of my New Website!!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new website!! This has been in the works for a while thanks to my husband for his support and encouragment. Also thank you to my friends, family and clients who have urged me to return!!

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With Alyice EdrichAugust 24, 2007 - 10:51 pm

I LOVE the design of your website. It’s beautiful, relaxing, and inviting. Good job!