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THE ARTIST Kara May Kara May, her husband and two young children moved to South Carolina from Seattle over a year ago. Due to amazing client loyalty in Seattle, she is a bi-coastal photographer serving clients in the coastal areas of South Carolina and Seattle. Her time in Seattle is limited to summer sessions as well as limited sessions throughout the year. Travel plans will be posted so check back periodically and schedule a session early (if you are in the Seattle area) sessions fill up quickly.

{Lonely & Abandoned}

A couple of weeks ago when I was driving home from a session that was out of town I found something.  Something that compelled me to put my foot on the break  and make a U-Turn in the middle of the road to curiously go back.  I was on the phone with my mom (I know, bad to talk on the cell and drive – horrible habit)  and I quickly hung up as I pulled into the long dirt driveway.  My heart was beating in my throat as I got closer.  I don’t know what it is about an abandoned house that gets me so emotional.  I feel so many things some I can’t even describe – a bit of sadness (why wasn’t there a family living in that house anymore?), curiosity (what made them leave?) and apprehension (the unknown).  But I can’t resist stopping and even exploring.  I wondered what the house looked like when it was lived in, when it had a fresh coat of paint and shiny door knobs.  I’m sure each empty house was beautiful (I like to think that anyway).    This particular house took my breath away  (strange I know…) but there was something about the setting that was so beautiful.  The house was sitting on a large piece of land, a for sale sign that looked like it had been there for decades, and surrounded by withering golden corn fields.  So stunning yet very eerie.  I grabbed my cell phone, camera and keys and stepped out of my car, locking the door behind me.  I was out in the middle of nowhere but I’m OCD about locking my car doors.  Anyway, I tip-toed up the decrepit porch that looked like it could cave in if much weight was on it (not smart – I’ve already been scolded for that) and walked through the bright green front door.  I stood for a moment in each room studying the old fireplaces, the wood ceilings and the dusty floors looking for any evidence of who may have once lived there.  In the kitchen I saw an open window-paned cabinet  that still had plates, glasses and bowls in them – I couldn’t resist reaching for my camera but knew not to touch a thing in the house.  I didn’t want to leave but the sun was setting and I knew Jeff was waiting at home for me probably wondering where I was.   I hope to go back to that house and explore others that I’ve found – so  mysterious yet I have a fond respect for these old dismissed places. 





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ohana photographers - david & kimi bSeptember 30, 2008 - 3:08 am

i can’t even begin to say how much i LOVE that house!

sheenaSeptember 26, 2008 - 7:57 pm

this is the coolest thing ever!!! i love exploring old places!! and I can’t believe there were DISHES in it!! how fun!

PaigeSeptember 25, 2008 - 1:17 pm

Goosebumps~ love your commentary on your visit to this hauntingly beautiful house. Wow, what a find. I’m dying to see pictures with your kids there!!

MekennaSeptember 24, 2008 - 8:10 pm

Oh wow!

I haven’t visited in a while…again. I’m sorry. :)

I ablsolutely love old houses, they are so compelling to me. Beautiful pics!

AmySeptember 24, 2008 - 10:52 am

Super sweet!! I heart old abandon houses!! I love going back home to south dakota and exploring. There are so many abandon houses where my parents live, i just love it!! so many unique things you can find. I think it would be fun to do a series on them. Of course you rocked it once again, i just love your work!!

TaraSeptember 23, 2008 - 11:57 pm

I grew up investigating old abandoned houses and you precisely described my feelings when I see one. You have a great way with words (and pictures :) ) because I could almost smell and feel the house before I even saw the photos.

elizabethSeptember 23, 2008 - 8:28 am

Kudos to you.. seriously I love old abondoned buildings and houses and am always far to chicken to get too close.. ( maybe too many horror movies ) but wow.. you braved it and look at the treasures you found.. so so cool..

shannon lottSeptember 22, 2008 - 10:23 pm

Ooh, you are brave. I felt like I was reading a novel or something:) Love it too…green paint, old wood, all of it. Why don’t you buy it?! Studio?

cindy cieluchSeptember 22, 2008 - 4:46 pm

you’ve got to go back now to do a portrait shoot there. unreal. the green, the textures, the architecture, the entire scene is just stunning. thank you for sharing.

Tineke van der EemsSeptember 22, 2008 - 8:40 am

wow these shots are beautiful…and oh i love your textures!!
Hey this is such a great location for shootings :)

Megan CristelloSeptember 22, 2008 - 7:56 am

Omgosh Kara…I had chills reading this! What a fabulous find and such pictures to go with it. Something about that cabinet with the scattered dishes stirred such emotion in me..sadness. You must go back..with your girl!

JaniceSeptember 21, 2008 - 5:45 pm

Oh you know I love these already — so inspiring – makes me want to go out & explore all the old places around me (we live semi – in the country -) I think I want to be you when I grow up :) I love your style & the way you see things. It takes something special to see deeper in life!!! Be safe when scouting though — I am always afraid of spiders, snakes or mice –ECK!!!! Your PP rocks also

MandsSeptember 21, 2008 - 5:43 pm

Love this old house Kara! and perfectly your style! can’t wait to see a photoshoot in front of it! All the images are just so dang cool, and I remember light switches like that at my grandma’s house!

HayleySeptember 21, 2008 - 4:24 pm

Beautiful!! I know most think we are nuts, but I am the same way, finding the absolute beauty in these same things! What a find!!

StephanieSeptember 21, 2008 - 10:50 am

Oh. My. Goodness. Eerie. Lovely. Thought provoking. amazing. I wish I could see this with my own eyes..however, your photo does the job perfectly. :D What a find! Something for me to pay more attention to next time I’m out driving..thanks for sharing! :D

nathalieSeptember 21, 2008 - 1:01 am

you are sooo brave!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t think i like old houses as much as you do. those green walls would be a perfect backdrop. and everything else i imagine. this is an awesome finding. i guess there really is taste for everything. lol!!!! sorry for having dissapeared! i have been busy…..the usual stuff. and i imagne you have too. i will send you something soon. you will like it.

MeredithSeptember 20, 2008 - 11:15 pm

Hauntingly beautiful…and your pp is stunning. I love the variety of all your posts – never a dull post. Pure talent how you can capture something so decayed and make it eye catchingly beautiful.

pamelaSeptember 20, 2008 - 10:10 pm

beautiful shots, always fabulous pp’ing ~ you are one brave chickie heading into a place like that alone. hate to sound like a ‘mom’, but do be careful! maybe take someone with you or at least let them know where you are, goodness girl. =)i totally agree, one cannot help but wonder what happened to the family & why still even dishes in the home. don’t homes like that inspire you to fix ‘em up? i wish there was some sort of contracting company that went around and just re-did these sorts of places and re-made them into the gems they once were. love the corn field around and on side of the first shot.

Kara MaySeptember 20, 2008 - 8:00 pm

Thanks ladies! You don’t know how fun this was for me – I was giddy, my mind was racing and all I wanted to do is find out more information. There was even a hanger hanging on a door knob that I took pictures of too. It looked like it had been there for years – of course that brought about so many questions in my head too. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my fascination ;)

SarahSeptember 20, 2008 - 7:57 pm

You can make something like this look like a work of art. beautiful work Kara!!!

Jenn PennSeptember 20, 2008 - 5:14 pm

What a cool old house! I love the photos and I can also imagine what the home used to look like. What a great find!

Natasha WhiteleySeptember 20, 2008 - 4:33 pm

beautiful, totally gorgeous!

bev robisonSeptember 20, 2008 - 2:57 pm

Wow, Kara. You are so brave to go inside! I am too chicken. I found an abandoned house (more like a mansion) here in Poland. I was alone and I really wanted to see inside, but as I approached the house I got too freaked out and ran back to the car. Bummer.

JoeySeptember 20, 2008 - 12:34 pm

Wow! What a great old house!

RebeccaSeptember 20, 2008 - 12:23 pm

Ab fab dawling! It takes a great eye to take something that others might label as “dirty”, “ugly”, “worthless” and turn it into awe inspiring beauty.

Rachel BrookeSeptember 20, 2008 - 10:37 am

I’d say you found a perfect little gem for your next session!

PennySeptember 20, 2008 - 9:46 am

These are amazing and wonderful. You must go back (with Jeff) and take more pictures.

melissaSeptember 20, 2008 - 8:24 am

I am the same way about old houses. You described all the feelings I get seeing old houses. Your pictures are great and really tell a story.

ChristieSeptember 20, 2008 - 8:09 am

WOW! What an awesome find! I love desolate and abandoned places such as this. Talk about texture heaven!

Carrie YoungSeptember 20, 2008 - 6:25 am

OMGosh! What a find! You have to go back, daughter & camera in tow!!
Love the texture on these, fits perfectly Kara :D

TanyaSeptember 20, 2008 - 3:16 am

Oh this house is fantastic Kara!! would love to see more of it & the others you have discovered, I too wonder those same things when I see a house like this (not that that happens very often living on the coast!) they hold so many memories, it would be amazing just to see a glimpse! Your photos are nothing short of sensational, & your pping WOW!! wish I could go discovering with you!! :)

{Holiday Cards 2008}

Can you believe it’s almost ‘fall’?!  This is my favorite time of the year.  I love the crisp sunny days, the smell of pumpkins, the colors of the landscape, the excitement and anticipation and I could go on and on.  I also get such an urge to bake, bake, bake. My husband laughs at me (in a fun way…I think…) because I get so giddy and goofy for anything ’autumn’.  I come up with these ideas of what each day feels like to me and he can’t help but burst out in laughter.  I’ll join in and giggle too after realizing what I just said…for example I’ll say ‘Oh doesn’t today just make you want to bake pumpkin pies, sip hot cocoa, and lay by a fire – all at a quaint Bavarian village’.  He wonders how I get these funny ideas in my head….I don’t have an answer for him ;-)   Anyway, my kids and I have already purchased pumpkins for our front porch, and we’ve even painted 2 pumpkins for the side porch.  We do crafts every day after school so of course we’re doing autumn crafts and Halloween crafts.  Tyler and Brielle get so into it {Brielle could do crafts until dinner and then some}  and want to talk about Halloween, going to the pumpkin patch, and anything Halloween/Autumn related.  I love it!!  And this year I’m determined to bake more things from scratch.  If anyone has a great recipe that includes pumpkin or pumpkin spice, please share.  I love anything pumpkin and really want to try out some new recipes. 

Okay, now onto something winter & holiday related.  I was hoping to get these up sooner since clients have been asking about my holiday cards.  Here are some samples {other varieties are available, this is just a little sample}.  These cards are 5×7 single sided – but there’s plenty of room to write a personal message on the back.   Thanks for looking!!

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HayleySeptember 21, 2008 - 4:25 pm

Love your holiday cards!! Gorgeous!!

Rachel BrookeSeptember 20, 2008 - 10:40 am

Kara May – if you sell these, please let me know. I would buy them asap! I hope you do :)

april toddSeptember 19, 2008 - 5:23 pm

love them!!!

jennybSeptember 19, 2008 - 1:35 pm

Is their anything Kara May can’t do? Add me on your list of buyers next year:)

TanyaSeptember 19, 2008 - 7:56 am

Oh Kara these cards are just gorgeous!! I love them all!! Is there anything you can’t do????

StephanieSeptember 19, 2008 - 12:56 am

These are lovely!!! I’ve never done holiday cards before..this just might be the year. :D I’m right there with you on the feeling of Autumn. Such a great time! I can’t wait for the pumpkin patch and corn maze to open!! :D About a pumpkin recipe…do you make pumpkin rolls? It’s like..pumpkin, cream cheese filling all rolled up into a delicious little..roll. :D If you haven’t tried it and would like to, let me know and I’ll get the recipe out to you. :D

Jodi MSeptember 18, 2008 - 10:28 pm

These sooooo compliment your style of photography – just stunning.

Kara MaySeptember 18, 2008 - 8:36 pm

Oh yes Gena I would love the recipe – I’ll e-mail you soon. Just the sound of pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting makes my taste buds tingle ;)
Thanks for the comments I appreciate it! Oh and Jamie, I bought holiday card templates but then totally revamped them with a vintage, aged-weathered feel using my own papers, and my own frames and most of my own embellishments. Next year I think I’m going to design and sell some to other photogs. Making them is addicting and just another outlet for me ;)

LindsaySeptember 18, 2008 - 8:26 pm

Gorgeous cards and your clients are just so beautiful. Your pictures compliment the cards so well. So beautiful!!

RebeccaSeptember 18, 2008 - 8:25 pm

Beautiful cards! Love all of the designs. Creative and fantastic colors too. :)

shannon lottSeptember 18, 2008 - 4:14 pm

These are great! I need to get on mine:)

Natasha WhiteleySeptember 18, 2008 - 3:38 pm

absolutely beautiful!

GenaSeptember 18, 2008 - 2:18 pm

I know exactly what you mean..fall is my favorite time of year too! I smile everytime I hear the acorns fall and hit my deck, I know it sounds kind of silly but it is music to my ears. Ok now onto recipes…I have a great recipe for pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting however everyone seems to have a recipe for pumpkin bars and you may too so just let me know if you want it.

KatieSeptember 18, 2008 - 12:54 pm

Wow Kara, these are gorgeous!! Love how your pictures look so great in these. Oh if I only lived closer to you.

JamieSeptember 18, 2008 - 11:48 am

Kara… these holiday cards are outstanding!! Did you design them yourself??? They have this vintage feel that makes me feel like I’m sitting on the back porch at my grandma’s house… (haha a little feel just like your autumn ideas) Your images fit perfectly with them!

melissaSeptember 18, 2008 - 11:16 am

Those cards are GORGEOUS! I too love the fall season the best. The way the crisp air takes your breath away. LOVE it!!

{Pastel pink scooters, fluffy tutu’s & bright green lizards…}

All of these things make for a fun and entertaining photo session.  I arrived to my client’s house this past weekend greeted by an adorable red haired little girl dressed so pretty in her ‘Snow White’ dress up clothes.  I knew it was going to be a fun session when I saw how into dress up she was.  And she told me all about princesses as she danced and pranced around in the tutus and petti coats I brought along.  Her her older sister, Elizabeth, was very sweet and all-girl too….but she had a fascination with bugs, spiders and lizards.  Yes, really!  She so reminded me of how Briella might be when she’s several years older since she has the same adoration.  Elizabeth told me about the spider was came across – big {make that GINORMOUS} spider actually.  I got weak in the knees just looking at it.   It was a ‘barn’ spider that it made its home in their backyard and Elizabeth loved it.  She told me all about them and how they live in groups, so if you see one, then you’re bound to see another one close by.  And she proved to be right, a few feet away we saw one of the spiders buddies spinning a huge web.  So I’m sure you’re wondering where the green lizard in the title comes in…. well  at the end of our session we spotted 2 bright green lizards climbing the outside wall of their home.  Elizabeth’s mom told me that Elizabeth loves to catch lizards and sure enough, she caught the lizard and started excitedly telling me all about these lizards (she even knew the name of this particular species of lizard).  She carefully showed me his tail and said that when they lose their tail it grows back and when they are sensing danger a big red bubble forms under their chin.  I stayed longer just to hear more about her fascination and to see her put it in her temporary lizard home, giving it water, food, etc.  How often are you going to have a session like this!  It was so fun and the girls were so engaging.  Erin (the youngest) even hopped up from playing play-doh and doing crafts to stop me as I was leaving giving me a big hug.  I of course loved it!! 

Here’s a little peek at our session :)

I can’t forget the bright green lizard Elizabeth caught :)

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Tineke van der EemsSeptember 22, 2008 - 8:41 am

Perfect perfect…i could spend hours on your blog heheeee!

jenSeptember 17, 2008 - 9:36 pm

thanks for the blog love… introducing me to your beautiful work!

melissaSeptember 17, 2008 - 9:50 am

These are great! Love their eye and hair color.

Jenifer JohnstonSeptember 17, 2008 - 2:07 am

Gorgeous processing as always (you soooo should sell your actions or whatever you use (0:). Love the little lizard and the adorable captures of beautiful kiddos. Such a treat to see such lovely work.

Rachel BrookeSeptember 16, 2008 - 11:11 pm

Awesome vintage frame and textures on your photos! That frog picture is adorable!

Eliza B.September 16, 2008 - 2:53 pm

Your work is so gorgeous. You’re such an inspiration to me!


MicheleSeptember 16, 2008 - 8:17 am

This is my first time visiting your blog and so glad I did! Your work is wonderful!!!!!

MandsSeptember 16, 2008 - 3:24 am

so so beautiful! your work inspires and delights me! Love it Kara!

TiffanySeptember 16, 2008 - 3:14 am

Again perfection!!!! I can’t wait for your new posts they always just make my day!! Love, love your work!

StephanieSeptember 15, 2008 - 10:19 pm

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love all of your shots! They are beautiful and unique and bring out the personality of your subject. I am definitely going to add you to my bookmarks!

maggieSeptember 15, 2008 - 7:10 pm

Absolutely stunning, Kara! I love your narrative and the story you told in the images as well. It’s so fun that the toes of her sparkly pink shoes are all worn. Love that little detail! :)

elizabethSeptember 15, 2008 - 6:15 pm

kara.. these girls are adorable.. what a great session. love every photo

KatieSeptember 15, 2008 - 5:09 pm

Wow – your work is a true inspiration. I visit your blog daily (sometimes more I’m embarrassed to admit) and I’ve never commented. Just wanted to let you know you have another fan ** one of your many fans ** :)

tamiSeptember 15, 2008 - 10:42 am

these are all OH MY! the girls are just absolutely precious and you are amazing in capturing each detail of their beauty. AND….both girls could easily pull off a look alike for Snow White. Fab work Kara!

HelenSeptember 15, 2008 - 7:35 am

These are gorgeous Kara… The girls are beautiful and love your processing… :)

Jodi MSeptember 15, 2008 - 6:27 am

GEEEE hard to find words – sublime work. Images speak volumes – just amazing.

TanyaSeptember 14, 2008 - 10:18 pm

Kara, these are simply gorgeous!! gotta love the green lizard :) The girls are beautiful! As always I love how you’ve processed these! Kara thank you for your beautiful kind words, thoughts & prayers… your comment really touched my heart…. thank you xxx

SarahSeptember 14, 2008 - 8:43 pm

Absolutely Beautiful Kara!!! You have amazing talent girl!! Wow!

cindySeptember 14, 2008 - 8:02 pm

This is a dream little girls session!!!!!!

Angie PenroseSeptember 14, 2008 - 1:29 am

Oh man these are CUTE! I just love your work! When are you going to be in Seattle next? I’d love to have you take pictures of my boys. :)

jeana birdSeptember 13, 2008 - 10:23 pm

Kara, these images are timeless…and capture they girls for who they really are. When I look at your photos I feel like I know the person…your images speak to me. Beautiful, amazing, incredible! Thanks for the inspiration (and thanks for the comments on my blog).

jennybSeptember 13, 2008 - 10:14 pm

I am all out of comments, lol. Each time I come to your blog, I am wowed all over again. So today I leave you with another WOW, lol. Your really are amazing:)

Kara MaySeptember 13, 2008 - 3:28 pm

Oh you guys – you know I smile everytime I get a comment and it’s so great knowing that others enjoy my work. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. You all are the best!!! ;)

CarolineSeptember 13, 2008 - 3:26 pm

**Oh these are to die for!!** I think you have a lot of blog stalkers – I am one of them. Amazing work as always!!

bev robisonSeptember 13, 2008 - 1:55 pm

Wow, Kara! Beautiful!!! I never saw a lizard look so good! But seriously, my favorites hae to be the girl in the white chair and the close-ups….man, oh, man! They are all awesome!!!! When you’re really famous, can I tell people that I know you?;)

LindsaySeptember 13, 2008 - 9:50 am

Kara – fantastic session. Do you ever have a ‘bad’ session? Geez, you amaze me so. Love the pink scooter and the fluffy petti!!!

TiffanySeptember 13, 2008 - 9:38 am

These are AWESOME!! I so with that I could learn some of your incredible photoshop skills!

david & kimi b- ohana photographersSeptember 13, 2008 - 1:35 am

the green skirt and the lizard are so money!!!! oh how we love your work!!! have a rad weekend kara!!!

CarolineSeptember 13, 2008 - 12:11 am

Don’t mean to sound like a broken record but seriously Kara….I’m always so excited to come look at your blog. So much talent and inspiration – I have to pick my jaw up off the floor every time I visit.
Love your work!!

KateSeptember 12, 2008 - 10:21 pm

Kara, these (as always) are so lovely! You are just amazing!!!!

Lisa LenderinkSeptember 12, 2008 - 9:36 pm

Again, all the best words are already taken.
Gorgeous, amazing, stunning.

What else can I say? But, DITTO~

Kudos to you Kara!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

shannon lottSeptember 12, 2008 - 5:16 pm

Good God woman! How do you get such gorgeous clients? They should be models! Great photos. Love the boots and tutus!

DanaSeptember 12, 2008 - 5:12 pm

Where did you get the poofy skirt?

Kathy CarlisleSeptember 12, 2008 - 4:56 pm

These are so dang cute, I don’t even know what to say! Well, I am never speechless, so let me begin by saying that without a doubt, I can see these two girl’s personalities in an instant through your images. You captured them in such a natural realm and I believe they will be able to look back at these and have those memories of true childhood…smells, emotions and all attached to them:) Great work as always. Inspirational for sure! K

Cheryl JohnsonSeptember 12, 2008 - 3:51 pm

don’t know how you do it but you do – fabulous fresh images time after time

Natasha WhiteleySeptember 12, 2008 - 2:51 pm

absolutely stunning
I really LOVE your style!

RebeccaSeptember 12, 2008 - 2:27 pm

Your photography is amazing! Where did you learn or is it just instinctual talent because it’s fantastic? Also, I love your kids style and the kids that you photograph. They all are dressed so cute!

Clara McKinnySeptember 12, 2008 - 1:45 pm

Wow Kara!! I love coming to your blog – a treat every time I visit. I just love these and such beautiful subjects!

Lisa PowellSeptember 12, 2008 - 1:43 pm

**Gorgeous**!! Again, you amaze me! These shots are beautiful and these girls are stunning. I love every single one of them!

KristinSeptember 12, 2008 - 12:20 pm

these are absolutely gorgeous!!! I would be so pleased if I were their mom!!!

laurelSeptember 12, 2008 - 11:02 am

This is why I get so happy when I see you have something new on your blog. These are so beautiful!

Allison GaulinSeptember 12, 2008 - 10:28 am

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE that last lizard one- how adorable! Your treatments in these are to die for too, Kara! Beautiful inspiring work as always!

{Tractors, ‘Ouy Juice’ & a Handsome Little 2 year old}

Last Tuesday I ventured a little out of town to my clients grandfather’s farm – it was gorgeous and huge!  We got to follow the big’ole John Deere tractor in a golf cart to other parts of the farm.  The little man I photographed, Heyward, just turned two and he was amazing to photograph.  He seemed like an ‘old soul’ more mature for his age, more aware of his surroundings and who he is.   I felt like he wanted to say so much but his little 2 year old vocabulary wouldn’t let him say it.  We walked to the pond on the farm which he referred to as ‘ouy juice’.  Anything that’s water, liquid, etc. is ‘juice’ so as an example the bathtub is ‘bubble juice’.  Isn’t that cute?!  Love how kids have their own way of referring to things.  I have to brag a little more about this little 2 year old… he has such a sweet demeanor, and when he says ‘thank you’, he says it in the sweetest little voice, looks you straight in the eyes and says it with such sincerity.  I was amazed!  I had a great time photographing him on the farm.

Here’s  a little peek at our session!

I’m showing this in b&w too since my husband really likes the b&w one and I like the color one (okay, so I like them both but I’m gravitating toward the the color one).  :)


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heatherSeptember 17, 2008 - 11:36 pm

These are amazing!

david & kimi b- ohana photographersSeptember 13, 2008 - 1:36 am

if gap kids don’t call you i will call them!!! pure perfection kara!

Lisa PowellSeptember 11, 2008 - 5:16 pm

**WOW** these are absolutely incredible!! I don’t know what else to say – I’m just speechless. You have amazing talent~~ wow, wow, wow, wow.

AmySeptember 11, 2008 - 10:19 am

WOW, you ROCKED it!! I grew up on a farm with John Deere’s everywhere, what FUN!! your color is so intense and amazing, do you have your own actions that you run on them??

AmySeptember 10, 2008 - 11:54 pm

The one with his hand in his pocket = to die for cute! They are all amazing though! -as usual :)

jeanaSeptember 10, 2008 - 9:53 pm

Kara, I haven’t let a comment in awhile, just stalking, but your work is so inspiring. Your colors, perspective, everything is just gorgeous. I love these images. I lean a little more towards the color one too, but both are beautiful. I just can’t get enough of your work!

Valeria McCormickSeptember 10, 2008 - 8:30 pm

Hi Kara,
Wow I LOVE your WORK. So unbelievably crisp, clean and SHARP! I love the blue shirt against the yellow wheel. AWESOME! Way to rock a boy and a tractor :-)


bev robisonSeptember 10, 2008 - 3:50 pm

Hi, Kara! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I love ALL of these, really! But, what impresses me the most is how you got him to pose with his little hand in one pocket. He’s a mini-GQ model!;)

Rachel BrookeSeptember 10, 2008 - 1:58 pm

What a little Romeo!!
I’m with you – I like the color one too…although they are both spectacular!

cyndiSeptember 9, 2008 - 3:10 am

Kara, LOVE them all! Your color is so gorgeous!! You make me want to go find a tractor to shoot with :) You seriously rock girl!

Janna SelanderSeptember 9, 2008 - 2:03 am

Wow! I’m amazed by your talent! Many blessings on your business and your little ones!
-Janna (Chad’s wife) :)

ShellieSeptember 8, 2008 - 10:48 pm

These images are timeless! I love the richness of the color!

april toddSeptember 8, 2008 - 10:19 pm

Once again, you take my breath away! The last one is absolutely stunning, I can’t stop looking at it!

HayleySeptember 8, 2008 - 10:11 pm

These are all Gorgeous!! Love the 4th one down where he’s surrounded by his trucks (I have some of those too for props :) ) And of course the big yellow tire…perfection! Love em all!! Gorgeous as always!!

courtneySeptember 8, 2008 - 9:59 pm

These are beautiful.
Seriously, I just love them all.

MandsSeptember 8, 2008 - 9:49 pm

sighs! LOVE THEM ALL! just beautiful, and I love coming here for the amazing music too LOL!

Lisa TrakisSeptember 8, 2008 - 6:40 pm

AMAZING Kara, seriously these are so gorgeous!

Kara MaySeptember 8, 2008 - 3:15 pm

Wow,I love these comments! Thank you! It’s so fun to hear from everyone! Amber, I’m so glad you like the pictures – your son is adorable! This was a fun shoot – perfect location for a boy! I’m glad you all like the outcome. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving comments – they make my day!!

AmesSeptember 8, 2008 - 3:04 pm

**STUNNING** just breathtaking. Wow, I love each and every one of them. What an adorable little boy too. Great work Kara!! Can’t get enough of it!

~LORISeptember 8, 2008 - 11:47 am

Love these photos! Handsome litle boy, great photographs :)

TanyaSeptember 8, 2008 - 9:01 am

Absolute perfection Kara!! his parents will have a hard time choosing!!! I’m with you, I gravitate towards the colour one… although the b/w is fantastic too, the colour gives it life, if that makes sense!! they are all sensational!

Cheryl JohnsonSeptember 8, 2008 - 4:48 am

how of earth will the poor parents choose – just love them all

breathtaking work Kara

Megan JohnsonSeptember 8, 2008 - 12:51 am

These are adorable!! I hope Tyler and B are doing good!!

shannon lottSeptember 8, 2008 - 12:02 am

Amazing…as usual!

Cara DeeseSeptember 7, 2008 - 6:04 pm

Holy!! These are amazing!! Even knowing Heyward – he is really mature in these…..and yet he still just this precious little guy!!! I LOVE THEM!!

LindsaySeptember 7, 2008 - 3:57 pm

I can’t look anymore – I so want you to come out to NY to 1) put on a workshop and 2) to photograph my kids and my friends kids. We love your work!!

Kathy CarlisleSeptember 7, 2008 - 11:16 am

These are absolutely priceless! I love the one of him and the trucks and you captured so many different looks for him. The parents are going to have a REALLY hard time choosing from this shoot, that’s for sure. Great job:) K

Kris LeighSeptember 7, 2008 - 6:41 am

Oh my Kara! What a perfect little model he is! Can you come and teach my ratbag 3yr old how to pose like this, lol! :-)

DannaSeptember 7, 2008 - 1:33 am

these are DEVINE!!! wow , your color is amazing and he is just way to cute for words!!!

Cortney GumbletonSeptember 6, 2008 - 11:29 pm

Not only do I love the music on your site but the pictures of your little guy with the tractors are amazing! Keep up the inspirational work and I can’t wait to check back soon to see what is next. You are saved in my favorites!

Amy HathcockSeptember 6, 2008 - 11:22 pm

Gorgeous little guy. Your captures of him are stunning (as usual). That last image takes my breath away. :)

jean smithSeptember 6, 2008 - 10:08 pm

wow, all are SO beautiful, but that one of him standing inside the tractor wheel…just stunning!

Naomi HolleySeptember 6, 2008 - 10:02 pm

Absolutely breathtaking!! You did a great job with the pictures….Heyward is such a natural!! Those pictures definitely captured his sweet and adorable personlality.

Eunice AlexanderSeptember 6, 2008 - 9:33 pm

A perfect little model, all of them are great.My Great-grandson

brookeSeptember 6, 2008 - 9:26 pm

yes I am 100 percent sure you will be hooked on metallic like I am ….all my color less I print in it without even asking my just adds something special and some cant put a finger on it ..its funny. so Im trying to figure out my new blog …i think its the same as your new template….holy hard I might upgrade so they did it for me. any who I say you come to utah and so a work shop …there is something about your ppi Im dying to know what it is :) maybe with enough work I will just figure it out

TammyDouglasSeptember 6, 2008 - 9:12 pm

Awsome .. You captured him so well .. My Grandson …

JenSeptember 6, 2008 - 9:07 pm

was this little guy a natural or what? he is beautiful and your pics look great:)

Amber BrownSeptember 6, 2008 - 8:43 pm

I am in love with all of them! Thank you so much! It brought me to tears!!!!

Alisha RobertsonSeptember 6, 2008 - 8:22 pm

Kara these are all so beautiful… such wonderful rich color, adorable captures and amazing clarity. Wow!

jennybSeptember 6, 2008 - 6:05 pm

Holy Wow! I adore the one next to the huge yellow tire, TDF!

Natasha WhiteleySeptember 6, 2008 - 5:22 pm

absolutely fabulous!!! every single one of them – fantastic!

Jenn PennSeptember 6, 2008 - 5:21 pm

I love the fifth one down – the one with his hand in his pocket – and the last one so much. Although of course they are all fantastic as usual! What a handsome boy he is!!